Targeted Email Campaign

Targeted Email Campaign

Targeted Email Campaign

Build a targeted email campaign to connect with customers. High quality and targeted leads are pivotal to successful marketing & sales campaigns for Products/Services. DBWebs’s LeadEngine is built specifically for creating a niche market for a specific product/service.  LeadEngine semantically matches keywords between the product/service and the targeted customers.  A list of potential customers is then selected from our data center, which houses over a billion active user accounts in the world. This targeted list gives rise to the edge of efficacy above other marketing & sales programs.

Almost all campaigns are tailored for particular situations, and we have the delivery methods to suit your design.

1. LeadEngine basic email: We consult on message design and carry out full-cycle email campaigns (test & proof, dispatch, opt-out, report).

2. eMailTell: eMailTell is a mini email campaign carrying variants to test responses from customers.  By measuring the open rate and click-through rate, eMailTell delivers a quantitative comparison between different designs so that you can choose with confidence.

3. LeadEngine DynamicEmail: Use dynamically generated messages with varying keywords in subject and body matching LeadEngine selective criteria, best for similar products designed for different application focus.

4. LeadEngine TotalContact: We provide the email address for qualified leads tracking through e-mail campaigns. These qualified leads are perfect for your CRM or Sales Automation system.

With just a few keywords and the advertising material, you can roll out your campaign and receive responses directly from potential new customers in 2-3 days, then focus on the outcome – the sales qualified leads, and your own growing CRM (customer relationship management).

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