eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce Platforms

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We will help you create an online mall similar to eBay/Amazon where providers can sell their own products and manage their orders through a single website.

How long will it take?
It will take approximately 45-60 days.

How it works for the Administrator
The administrator is the user with “root” permissions: just like in a regular store, the admin can view and edit all the goods, orders, categories, user data, etc.

  1. Select if the store works in warehouse or providers  as separate shops mode
  2. Define the commission size for providers
  3. View, edit, or delete all products created either by him or by any providers
  4. Create and edit categories to which the providers can assign their products. The providers cannot create their own categories!
  5. Setup payment methods are available in the store. If PayPal Adaptive Payments is enabled, the transactions will be sent directly to PayPal accounts of providers (minus the commission, that’s being sent to the admin’s account). The other payment methods are also available, but if they’re used in the store, the admin’s merchant account is used. Providers cannot specify their own merchant accounts to accept payments directly.
  6. Setup the shipping rates and ship-from address if the store works in the “Warehouse” mode
  7. View, modify and change statuses of all orders of the store.
  8. Register new providers as well as modify and delete the existing profiles
  9. Do everything a regular administrator account allows: change store settings, modify the layout, install new extensions and themes from the marketplace, initiate the store upgrades, and so on

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